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    Classification and industrial development of industrial robot bearings
    time:2017-05-04 11:42:47

    Industrial robot bearing features include: bearing axial, radial, overturning and other direction of integrated load; thin-walled bearings; high rotary positioning accuracy. Any bearing that meets this design requirement can be used in industrial robots, arms, swivel joints, and chassis. Below, we look at the classification of industrial robot bearings and industrial development.

    Classification of industrial robot bearings

    1, cross roller bearings

    Cross roller bearings are cylindrical roller or tapered roller in a V shape groove 90 degree rolling surface through the isolation block are arranged vertically, so cross roller bearings can bear radial load, axial load and torque load of multi direction load. The size of the inner and outer rings is miniaturized, the ultra thin form is closer to the limit of the small size, and has high steel, and the accuracy can reach P5, P4, P2 grade. Therefore, it is suitable for the joints and rotating parts of industrial robots, rotating tables of machining centers, precision rotating tables, medical machines, calculators, military equipment, IC manufacturing equipment and so on.

    2, equal section thin wall bearing

    A thin wall bearing with equal section is composed of seven open series and five sealing series. There are three types of open series: radial contact type C, angular contact type A and four point contact type X. The advantages of thin-walled equal section bearings: thin walled bearings to achieve a very thin cross-section of the bearings, but also to achieve the miniaturization of products, lightweight. The diversity of the product extends its scope of use. Product characteristics of thin section bearings: in order to obtain low friction torque, high rigidity and good rotary precision, the ball bearings with small outer diameter are used. The use of hollow shafts ensures lightweight and wiring space. Thin wall type 6700 and 6800 series have all kinds of dust cover forms, with flange form, stainless steel form, wide format, etc., a variety of complete.

    Two. Development of industrial robot bearing industry

    Industrial robots are the basic bearing thin-wall high precision bearings, the bearing accuracy was above P5, part of the bearing accuracy of P2 level requirements, belonging to the super high precision bearings, processing difficulty in production, the current domestic demand is largely dependent on foreign imports, with the development of robot industry growth, the robot is in high speed bearing industry in the period of development, Luoyang bearing industry base has a number of professional manufacturer of bearing precision thin-walled, fill the gaps in the domestic market. Industrial robot bearing not only used in the field of industrial robots, precision measurement equipment, aerospace, astronomy research, medical equipment and other high-tech areas, such bearing also has an important development potential.

    In recent years, Luoyang Hui Gong Bearing Technology Co. Ltd. based on learning the United States Kaydon company, Japan NTN bearing company bearing similar products, developed their own uniform Huigong Thin-walled bearing series product samples; the establishment of technical standards with thin-wall bearing enterprises, further to fill the blank of domestic demand.

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