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    1.1 Add lubricating oil

    Unscrew the oil plug, add correct type of lubricating oil to the place slightly above midline, and then install the plug;
    No need to refuel speed reducer (motor).

    1.2 Starting

    Before starting must check and recorded for the following purpose:
    (1) Oil level height
    (2) Oil cooling or oil supply system of the pipe sealing
    (3) The effectiveness of the shaft seal
    (4) The rotating parts is not contact with other parts

    1.3 Operation

    For the first time starting of reducer (motor), if possible, should run for several hours no-load, if no abnormalities, can load gradually, then load up at the right time;
    Speed reducer must be monitored in operation:
    Oil temperature (in the process of continuous operation, reducer's design temperature is: continuous operation when using mineral oil, temperature is 90 ℃. At higher temperature, make sure to use synthetic oil. The highest temperature in short-period work can reach 100 ℃);
    The running noise change;
    The housing and shaft seal may leak;
    The correct oil level height;

    1.4 Maintenance

    Repair failure must be conducted by customer service department happened in the . For the failures that happen after warranty period and unclear reasons, we suggest customer to contact our customer service department;

    Inspection and maintenance cycle:

    Measures Lead-time
    Check oil temperature Every day
    Check the abnormal noise reducer Every month
    Check reducer leakage Every month
    Check oil level height Every time before starting speed reducer
    Check water percentage in oil 400 hours after starting work
    First oil change 400 hours after starting, at least once a year
    Followed oil change Every 18 months or 5000 hours
    Oil filter cleaning Every 3 months
    Screw ventilation valve cleaning Every 3 months
    Fan and fan cover and deceleration box cleaning Clean according to requirements or at the same time with oil change
    Check cooling coil scale About every 2 years or at the same time with oil change
    Check oil water cooler At the same time with oil change
    Check bolt fastening degree After the first oil change, then once every two oil changes
    Comprehensive reducer check About every 2 years or at the same time with oil change

    Possible failure:

    Failure Reason Measures
    The noise in reducer fasteners The loose of fasteners Tighten bolt/nut to specified torque, replace damaged bolt/nut
    Reducer's noise changes Gear tooth get damaged Contact customers service department to check all the gear, replace damaged bolt/nut
    Bearing clearance large gap Contact customer service department, adjust bearing clearance
    Broken bearing Contact customer service department, replace damaged bearing
    Too high working temperature High oil level of the inside box body Check oil surface height, adjust if necessary
    Long-used oil Contact customer service department, check the last time oil change, replace if necessary
    Oil gets severely contaminated Contact customer service department, change oil
    For reducer that equipped with lubricating oil cooling system, too low or too high coolant flow rate Comprehensively regulate import and export of pipeline valves, check the free flow of water-cooling device
    Too high temperature for coolant Check temperature and adjust according to demand
    Too low oil flow through water cooling device, reason: oil filter seriously blocked Oil filter cleaning
    Oil pump mechanical failure Contact customer service department, check whether the function of oil pump is normal or not, carry out repair or change the oil pump if necessary
    Reducer that is equipped with fan, fan cover's air inlet and/or body get seriously polluted Fan cover and housing cleaning
    Reducer equipped with cooling spiral pipe: cooling spiral tube fouling inside Contact customer service department, clean or replace spiral pipe
    Too high temperature in bearing Too high or too low oil level in reducer box Check oil surface height at room temperature and refueling on-demand
    Long-used oil Contact customer service department, check last time oil change
    Oil pump's mechanical failure Contact customer service department, check whether the pump work normally or not, repair or change a new oil pump
    Broken bearing Contact customer service department, check the vibration measuring data, check and change the bearing according to the need
    Bearing amplitude rise Broken bearings Contact customer service department, check the vibration measuring data, check and change the bearing according to the need
    Damaged gear Contact customer service department, check and change gear according to need
    Non-return device temperature is too high, check function failure Damaged device Contact customer service department, check and change non-return device according to need
    Reducer leakage Enclosure cover or joint sealing adverse Check seal and connection, if necessary, change a new seal
    Radial shaft seal failure ontact customer service department, change new radial sealing ring
    Have water in oil Have sundry in oil Check if water does exist in oil, and laboratory analysis.
    Lube oil cooler or the cooling spiral pipe failure Contact customer service department, find out leakage position, change water cooler.
    Reducer machine ventilation when come up with cool air and condensation Use the appropriate heat preservation material to guard the speed reducer, close air export or change its direction on structure
    Pressure alarm monitoring device, equipped with a pressure lubrication device, lubricating oil water cooling and air cooling is the reducer Oil pressure<0.5bars At room temperature check the oil level height, according to the need to go check the oil filter, according to the need to change, contact the customer service department, check the normal functioning of the oil pump, oil pump repair or replace
    Double switching filter indicator emit alarm Double switching filter clogging According to the specification toggle switch filter will be blocked filter down and clean up
    Oil supply system fault See operating instructions on oil supply system description
    Motor does not start Power interrupt Check wiring, when need correct
    Fuse fusing Replace the fuse
    Motor protection device has action Check motor protective device Settings are correct, when need discharge failure
    Motor contactor action, not in the control system failure Check motor contactor control, when need troubleshooting
    Motor not starting or starting difficulty Motor should be delta connection method, but it is a star connection Correct wiring way
    Voltage or frequency gravely deviates from the rating when starting at least Try to improve the power supply; Check the power cord section
    Direction of rotation error Motor wiring error Swapping two phase line
    Rumble and current consumption Damaged winding Motor must send professional repair shop repair
    Rotor windings touch
    Fuse fusing or motor protective device immediately action Conductor short-circuit Short-circuit eliminate
    Motor short circuit Professional repair shop discharge failure
    Connection wires error Correct connection mode
    Electrical grounding short circuit Professional repair shop discharge failure
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