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    Development and process of reducer
    time:2017-05-04 11:27:01

    In twentieth Century the 70-80's world reductionear technologies have made great progress, closely integrated and the development of new technology revolution. The general trends of reducer are as follows:

    High level and high performance. Cylindrical gears generally adopt carburizing, quenching and grinding, and the carrying capacity is increased by more than 4 times. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, light weight, low noise, high efficiency and high reliability.

    Building block type combination design. The basic parameters of the priority number, size regular, versatility and interchangeability of parts, a series of easy expansion and retrofit, conducive to mass production and reduce costs.

    Type diversification, variant design. The utility model has the advantages of adding hollow shaft, suspension type, floating support base, integrated type of motor and reducer, multi-directional mounting surface, etc., and enlarging the range of use.

    The main factors that promote the level of the reducer are:

    Theoretical knowledge is becoming more and more perfect, closer to reality (such as gear strength calculation method, modification technology, deformation calculation, optimization design method, smooth transition of tooth root, new structure, etc.).

    Adopting good materials, all kinds of high quality alloy steel forgings are widely used, and the quality control level of materials and heat treatment is improved.

    Third, the structure design is more reasonable.

    To improve the machining precision to ISO56 level.

    Bearing quality and life improvement.

    The quality of the lubricating oil to improve.

    Since 1960s, China has formulated the standard JB1130 - 70 "cylindrical gear reducer" and a number of general reducer, in addition to the host plant supporting the use of self-made, also formed a group of reducer factory specializing in the production of. At present, there are hundreds of enterprises producing reducer in China, with an annual output of about 250 thousand reduction machines, which has contributed to the development of machinery products in china.

    The reducer is mostly made with reference to the Soviet Union in 1960s twentieth Century the 40s-50s technology, although some development, but due to the limited level of technology and equipment conditions at the time of design, the overall level and international level gap.

    Since the reform and opening up, China imported a batch of advanced processing equipment, through the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology and scientific research, and gradually mastered the design of high-speed and low-speed heavy-duty gear device manufacturing technology. Material and heat treatment quality and machining accuracy are improved, manufacturing precision and general cylindrical gear can be increased to the level JB17960 from 8 to 9 GB1009588 level 6, the manufacture precision of the high-speed gear can be stabilized at 4-5. After the hardened surface of the reducer is adopted, the volume and the quality of the reducer are obviously reduced, and the bearing capacity, service life and transmission efficiency have been greatly improved, which play a great role in energy saving and improving the overall level of the mainframe.

    The power of high-speed gear reducer (42000kW) has been designed and manufactured in our country, and the speed of gear circle is more than 150m/s. However, most of the technical level of our reducer is not high, the old products can not be replaced immediately, and new and old products coexist, the transition will go through a long period of time.

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