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    Development trend of micro planetary gear drive
    time:2017-05-04 11:27:16

    1. realize electromechanical integration

    In a micro machine, not only a micro transmission device that can transmit power - a micro planetary gear reducer, but also a planetary gear reducer with a power driven device, is needed. In other words, micro machines need to be synthesized by micro motors and micro planetary gear reduction units, compact gear drives, which have the two functions of drive and deceleration drive. The gear transmission device has the function of mechanical and electrical integration, which is characterized in that the micro planetary gear reducer input shaft is coaxial with the motor shaft and the output shaft, and its load should be tightly connected together. The structure of the motor can be connected with the input of the planetary gear reducer, that is, the shaft of the motor and the gear shaft of the sun wheel a are on the same main shaft line and are connected with each other. The output shaft of the planetary gear reducer (integrated with the internal gear E) is the output shaft of the combined body, thereby forming an internal gear transmission device of an electric motor and a planetary gear reducer combined into an integral body. It can also be said that the motor and the planetary gear reducer are joined together to form a low speed motor, and its output shaft can be directly connected with the working machine. Today is the key problem: in order to make the micro gear planetary speed reducer with motor can achieve practical level, you need to have excellent performance and micro star gear shape size almost, the practicality of micro motor.

    2. gear lubrication

    Gear lubrication in gear drives is a very important problem in the development of micro planetary gear drives. Many researchers engaged in tribology research are working on a better solution to this problem. The lubrication problem of micro planetary gear transmission is more important. According to the relevant literature, in general transmission power reducer, the smaller the spindle diameter of the gear reducer, the greater the proportion of the friction torque in the overall power loss. But in micro machines it is not easy to accurately measure very small frictional torque. But the friction torque of micro planetary gear reducer in its total power loss can be calculated out, it will increase. At present, people pay special attention to the research work in the field of micro tribology, look forward to in the near future it can effectively solve the problem of micro planetary gear reducer lubrication problems, in order to make the micro planetary gear reducer practical plays a huge role in promoting.

    At present, new research work is being carried out in order to make the planetary gear reducer further practical and more miniaturized. In addition, we can expect that the micro planetary gear reducer will develop in the future and have been widely used in mechanical engineering.

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