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    Application and maintenance of reducer during running in period
    time:2017-05-04 11:29:22

    After the reducer is released, it is generally stipulated that the running in period of 200 hours or so (over time must change oil) is the requirement of the technical characteristics of the early stage of the reduction machinery. Running in period is an important link to ensure the normal operation of gear reducer, reduce the failure rate and prolong its service life. However, part of the user, due to the lack of speed reducer using common sense or because the allowable torque is not enough, or want to return as soon as possible, small machine, special technical requirements and ignore the running in period of the new machine.

    Some users even think, anyway, manufacturers warranty, the machine is broken by the manufacturer is responsible for the maintenance, so the reducer in the running period is long time overload, resulting in fault occurs frequently, which not only affects the normal use of the reducer reducer, shorten the service life. Therefore, the use and maintenance of the running in period of the reducer should be paid full attention to.

    I. characteristics of running in period:

    1. wear fast

    Due to the impact of the new reducer parts processing, assembly and debugging etc., with the contact area is small, and the allowable torque is larger. Reducer in the running process, parts of the surface of the concave and convex parts of each other fitted friction, grinding down the metal chip, and as an abrasive, continue to participate in friction, more accelerated the parts with the surface of wear. Therefore, the wear and tear of the parts (especially the mating surfaces) are easy to occur and the wear rate is too fast during the running in period. At this time, if overloaded, it may cause damage to components and cause early failures.

    2. poor lubrication

    Due to the small fitting clearance between the new assembled parts and the assembly and other reasons, it is difficult for the lubricating oil (grease) to form a uniform oil film on the friction surface to prevent wear. Thereby reducing lubrication efficiency, resulting in early abnormal wear of parts. In severe cases, it will result in scuffing or occlusion of the friction surface, resulting in failure.

    3. loose

    The new processing and assembling parts, there is geometry and size deviation, in the initial stage, due to shock, vibration and impact of alternating load, heating, deformation and other factors, such as excessive wear and easy to make, the original fastening parts becoming loose.

    4. leakage occurs

    Due to the influence of parts loosening, vibration and heating of the reducer reducer, sealing surface and pipe joints and the like, there will be leakage phenomenon; some casting defects such as difficult to find in the assembly debugging, but because of vibration, the working process of the impact, this defect was exposed for leakage (infiltration) oil. Therefore, the running in period occasionally leaks.

    5., more mistakes

    Because of the lack of understanding of the structure and performance of the reducer (especially the new operator), it is easy to cause malfunction and even cause mechanical accidents and safety accidents.

    Two, the use and maintenance of running in period

    1. special reducer, operators should accept the manufacturer's training and guidance, to speed reducer structure, performance to fully understand, and obtain certain operation and maintenance experience, can operate reducer. Manufacturers provide product maintenance manual, is essential information for operator equipment in operation, speed reducer, be sure to read the instructions for use and maintenance, operation and maintenance according to the specification requirements. And long-term preservation of data, easy maintenance.

    2. note that the work load period, running in period of the work load generally do not exceed the rated load of the 85%, and to arrange for work, to prevent the occurrence of deceleration long time continuous operation caused by the overheating phenomenon.

    3., pay attention to frequent observation, abnormal occurrence, should stop in time to be excluded, the reasons are not found, the failure is not ruled out, should stop working.

    4., reasonable selection of lubricants, especially the input power of more than 11KW of gear reducer, should be injected with the load gear oil. Pay attention to checking the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, oil level and quality, and check the tightness of the machine. The reason for the lack of oil found in the examination should be analyzed. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the lubrication of each lubrication point. It is suggested that grease should be added to the lubrication point every week during the running in period (except for special requirements). When the power reducer of the vertical oil pump is connected with the power supply, pay attention to the rotation direction of the oil pump and rotate clockwise.

    5., keep the reducer clean, adjust and fasten the loose parts in time, in order to prevent the wear and tear of the parts or the parts lost due to the looseness.

    6., the running off period, the machine should be mandatory maintenance, good inspection and adjustment work, at the same time pay attention to oil replacement.

    In short, the gear reducer in the running period of the use of maintenance requirements can be summarized as: to strengthen training, reduce load, pay attention to inspection, strengthen lubrication. As long as we pay attention to and implement the maintenance and maintenance of the running in period of the reducer, we will reduce the occurrence of early failures, prolong the service life and improve the production efficiency, so that the reducer can bring more revenue for you.

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