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    Rotary reducer, opportunities and challenges coexist
    time:2017-05-04 11:43:34

    As the basic accessories of machinery industry, rotary reducer adapts to the working performance of modern mechanical requirements and gradually applies to a wider range of industries. Although in 2016 the economic situation down, but the rotary reducer as the important parts of increased demand, while domestic rotary speed reducer with more and more advantages to occupy the domestic market, driven by market demand, the industry sales is gradually showing a good upward trend.

    With the development of the market, and requires the user to put on rotary precision, speed reducer product performance, service life and the diversified higher rotary speed reducer is compared with industrial power, there is still a big gap between the industry, the main performance for the high precision, high technology content and high added value of the products bearing low proportion. Some of the higher demand still needs import!

    Under the pressure of economic environment, many enterprises through a series of independent innovation, so that the rotary speed reducer technical level and reliability and stability has been improved to a certain extent, but also in the sales process in the future, an important supporting market will still control in the hands of these companies; actively stimulating domestic demand in foreign trade slowed down under the action of the part demand will turn to domestic enterprises, the import of rotary deceleration declined the opportunity.

    This year can be regarded as a year for the development and challenge of rotary reducer industry. Throughout the domestic market, the uncertainty of economic operation last year has increased, which has brought new challenges for the rotary reducer industry, and also brought new opportunities. China will continue to increase its investment in infrastructure, steel, automobiles, household appliances and other related industries are bearing facing new opportunities for development, at the same time, with the improvement of living standards, the development of the automobile industry has also led to the development of automotive bearings. Future demand for bearings will be steady growth, the bearing industry will usher in a period of sustained development. Many hardware city bearing distributors to seize the current opportunity, relying on the strong radiation of hardware city this platform, with more complete varieties, the quality of clearance, the price advantage to seize the domestic and foreign markets, to further improve the quality of rotary reducer Market share.

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