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    Chain operation into the bearing industry, the only way to develop the trend?
    time:2017-05-04 11:44:14

    At present, the serious excess capacity of the industry are iron and steel, coal, cement, non-ferrous metals and so on, and in fact, there are not a few of our surplus industrial products industry, the bearing industry is no exception. Now, in the supply side reform, chain management has become the only way to develop the bearing industry.

    At present, there are about more than 10000 domestic bearings production enterprises, one hundred thousand bearings Distribution enterprises. However, most of the bearing distribution enterprise still not get rid of the layers of agency business model, is still the traditional shop, and store and warehouse, and the kitchen and living grocery, no system, no norms, extensive management. This mode of operation will be phased out in the supply side reform, instead of a standardized, low-cost and efficient advanced management model.

    Chain operation is the most mature and successful business model. Chain operation has economies of scale, enterprises can reduce the cost of procurement; second, product diversification, can provide consumers with more solutions; third, chain operation has the ability to service team, equipped with a team of experts to service for the entire enterprise; fourth, through the data mining decision market production, the optimal allocation of resources; Fifth chain stores, have strong headquarters, security products and can protect the interests of consumers.

    Under the background of supply side reform, the chain operation conforms to the market development and conforms to the national development plan, and it is bound to become the only way for the development of the bearing industry. It can provide a wide range of security products, perfect service for consumers, phasing out of decentralized management, not the size of the individual stores, the reconstruction of industry rules, provide a secure and innovative space for the production of enterprises, to create a green environment for the development of distribution enterprises.

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