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    Gear reducer series
    QJY hard toothed reducer series for cranes
    time:2017-05-12 14:49:35

    QJY hard toothed reducer series for cranes

    1, product classification

    QJY series reducer is the reducer (reducer) of hardened surface (carburized, hardened tooth surface) developed by market demand. It includes three major categories and 12 basic types

    The structure is shown in Figure 1, and its type code and main parameters are shown in table 1.



    2, performance characteristics:

    (1) the gears are made of high quality low carbon alloy steel, carburizing, quenching and gear precision 6.

    (2) high accuracy, high efficiency, smooth transmission, low noise, smaller than the hardened and tempered gear reducer (QJ Series), light weight and high carrying capacity.

    (3) welded box structure. Installation type: three pivot installation and foundation installation.

    (4) output shaft type: flat key, involute spline, gear shaft end, hollow shaft four kinds.

    (5) use oil tank lubrication and natural cooling; vertical reducer adopts circulating oil lubrication.

    (6) using rolling bearings.

    Application range:

    1 input speed is generally N1 less than 1500r/min.

    2 working environment temperature -40-+50 centigrade.

    3 positive and negative two directions.

    The utility model is suitable for the selection of various types of cranes and reducers.

    3, assembly type (see Figure 2):



    4, installation type:

    AjYD2, OJYD3, QJYD23 and OJYD34 adopt foundation installation.

    CJJY2, QJY3, QJY23 and QJY34 are installed with three pivot support (installation method shown in Figure 4)

    There are two ways to allow horizontal W or vertical L (see Figure 3).



    Note: a. Angles and transmission ratio, when the reducer a tilt angle, should ensure that the intermediate stage gear tooth depth (1-2 oil immersed high alpha o specific data set by the user).

    The supporting type of QJY2, QJY3, OJY23 and QJY34 type reducer is shown in Figure 4

    Housing support (structural example)



    5, shaft end type

    The high speed shaft end is connected by cylindrical shaft flat key.

    The output shaft ends P-, the cylindrical shaft extends flat key, and the single key connection;

    H- cylindrical shaft involute spline joint:

    C- gear shaft end (for retarder only with center distance of 236-560mm)

    Axial ends, type and size are shown in Table 5 and table 2



    6 code examples:

    Three fulcrum supporting crane speed reducer



    Tag example:

    The three stage transmission of the reducer is the nominal center distance ai=560mm, the nominal transmission ratio is 50, the assembly type is 111st, the output shaft end is the gear shaft end, and the horizontal installation is marked as: QJY3560-50IIICW

    Reducer with pedestal crane



    Tag example

    Crane reducer two stage transmission, nominal center distance a, =560mm, nominal transmission ratio i=20, IV assembly type, shaft end type is P, marked as: QJYD2560-20, IV, P.

    Reducer with hollow shaft crane





    (2) form and installation dimension of table 4QJY3 and QJYA3 reducer


      (3) form and installation dimension of table 5QJY23 and QJYA23 reducer


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