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    Gear reducer series
    ZDY.ZLY.ZSYSeries of cylindrical gear reducer
    time:2017-05-12 15:00:07

    ZDY.ZLY.ZSYSeries of cylindrical gear reducer


    This product is manufactured according to the national standard JB/T88853-2001 external involute helical gear reducer, the product has been optimized design, with an international 90s level.

    This product is widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and so on

    The scope of the reducer is as follows:

    1., high speed shaft speed is not greater than 1500 rpm.

    2 gear drive circumferential speed is not greater than 20 meters per second.

    3. working environment temperature is -40-45 centigrade. If it is lower than O degrees, before starting, the oil should be preheated to over O degrees Celsius. This reducer can be used in two directions.

    < 1 > features:

    1., deceleration range is wide: nominal speed ratio, single stage for 1.25-5.6, double stage for 6.3-20, three for 22.4-100.

    2., mechanical transmission efficiency: single level is greater than 96.5%, double stage is greater than 93%, three is greater than 90%.

    3., smooth operation, low noise.

    4, small size, light weight, long service life, high carrying capacity.

    5. easy to be disassembled and easy to install

    < two > reducer type, specification and indication method

    1 models include: ZDY single stage cylindrical gear reducer, ZLY two stage cylindrical gear reducer, ZSY three stage cylindrical gear reducer

    2. specifications:

    Single stage, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 280, 315, 355,, 400, 450, 500, and 560;

    Two levels: 112.125.140, 160, 180, 200, 224, 280, 250, 315, 355, 400,, 450, 500, 710, 560, 630, and c;

    Three levels: 160, 180, 200, 224, 250, 280, 315, 355, 400, 450,, 500, 560, 630, and 710.

    I-S: when you need to bring a backstop

    11.2: in the face of output, the output shaft clockwise rotation is S, counterclockwise rotation N

    560: assembly type I

    Y: the nominal drive ratio is 11.2

    L: low speed, center distance is 560mm

    Z: two stage transmission cylindrical gear reducer

    *D indicates that the single stage and the L represent two and the S indicates three and the Y represents the hard surface gear

    Description: if you need a long axis series when you bring the backstop, please indicate when ordering. An order not made is deemed to be made as per standard (sample).

    < three > shape and mounting dimensions

    1.ZDY type cylindrical gear reducer

    2.ZLY type cylindrical gear reducer

    3.ZSY type cylindrical gear reducer

    < four > reducer load capacity

    Mechanical power of A. cylindrical gear reducer

    1.ZDY reducer power P1

    B. thermal power

    1.ZDY reducer Pg1Pg2

    2.ZLY reducer Pg1Pg2

    3.ZSY reducer Pg1Pg2

    Note: when circulating oil is used, the Pg2 can be calculated according to the lubrication system, and the circulating oil lubrication is recommended

    < five > selection of speed reducer

    The bearing capacity of the reducer is limited by mechanical strength, heat balance and permissible power. Therefore, the selection of the reducer must pass through two power meters two. First of all, according to the reducer mechanical strength allowable nominal power P1. If the actual input speed reducer and bearing capacity table of three (1500, 1000, 750) of a gear speed speed relative error less than 4%, according to the gear speed reducer nominal power under the selection of the considerable specifications. If the relative error of speed is more than 4%, the nominal power of the reducer shall be adjusted according to the actual speed, and then the heat balance and allowable power of the reducer shall be checked.

    1. power selection

    (a) the rated power P. of the reducer shall be able to meet the requirement that the working machine should work smoothly for more than 10 hours a day, start five times per hour, and allow the starting torque to be

    Two times the working torque. If one of the above requirements is not met, the working condition factor KA is used to correct it.

    (b) retarder safety factor

    Set condition coefficient KA, safety coefficient is SA, is the power required by the size of P2m=P2XKAXSA (P2 for the work of the rated power) power selected reducer must meet P2m = PJ (P1 see Table 4, table 5, table 6)

    2 heat rating

    The heat rating is to check whether the power PG exceeds or exceeds the transfer power. Additional cooling is required.

    To add what kind of cooling device to meet the requirements, must be checked.

    If the required output power P2 (without considering the KA) exceeds the heat power PG, additional cooling methods must be adopted.

    The heat power meters listed in the sample (Table 7, table 8, table 9) are applicable to environmental temperatures of 20 DEG C and hourly load rates of 100%, when ambient temperature and load rate are not

    In line with the above situation, the environmental factor fi, the load factor F2 and the power utilization factor F3 are required to be corrected.

    P1-- nominal power p2-- load power

    The thermal power is corrected by three coefficients. Corrected heat power P2t=P2xf1Xf2Xf2, and P2, less than PGl, PG2, otherwise outside the fuel cooler.

    Example: belt conveyor large items reducer, motor speed nl=1200r/min, transmission ratio i=4.5, transmission power of p2-380kW, the daily work of 24h, the highest temperature of t=38 DEG C, the plant is large, natural ventilation cooling, oil bath lubrication, the selection requirements of specifications the first assembly form equivalent standard reducer.

    The first step is to select the mechanical strength and power meter of the reducer. In general, it should be included in the working condition coefficient KA, according to the schedule, the belt conveyor load is medium impact, then

    Get Ka-1.5, consider safety factor SA-1.5, calculate power P2, be P2. =P2xKaxSa=380x1.5x1.5X1.5=855kW

    According to i=4.5 and N, =1200r/min, close to nominal speed 1000r/min, check samples ZDY3Y5i=4.5, n1=lOOOr/min, Pi=694kW, when N1=1200r/min, converted nominal power


    Pm-855kW is similar to P1-832.8kW

    You can

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